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Kip Wixson Celebrates 50 Years at AB&I
February 1, 2011

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Kip Wixson Celebrates 50 Years at AB&I/Mcwane

   On February 1, 2010, McWane Plumbing Group Vice President Kip Wixson marked 50 years of continuous service to AB&I Foundry and the McWane Plumbing Group.

   When Kip started at AB&I back in 1961, John Kennedy was our young president, Are You Lonesome Tonight was the #1 song on the radio, and a chimpanzee named Ham was the first primate to ever go into space. Kip began his job at the Oakland foundry not knowing where it would lead, but he attacked it than like he approaches it now – with a focused vigor and professionalism that would launch him into a career that an entire industry would recognize as exceptional. Kip Wixson has truly made a difference.

   Kip has been the recipient of too many industry awards and honors to mention. Some of the more memorable recognitions include awards from the American Foundry Society, the PHCC, and the Western Suppliers Association. Kip has been often called upon to deliver keynote addresses at major industry events and trade shows, and has served as President and Chairman of the Cast Iron Soil Pipe Institute for several terms.

   Kip's colleagues know him as a hard charger, demanding but fair, with his eye always on the prize – making AB&I and McWane better and better each day. Kip's ability to remain focused and targeted when solving complex problems, and his insistence in “encouraging” his team to do the same, have made Kip the go-to guy and standout performer in his profession.

   Many people know Kip as the author of the long-running Perspectives column in the monthly AB&I newsletter, Items. Kip spent decades writing about countless topics in these pages, often departing from straight business copy and jumping, headfirst, into controversial subjects as diverse as politics and baseball. Kip's columns were never boring, and he often got feedback from readers expressing their appreciation for his thoughts. Kip retired from writing his column in 2009, but his words are, and will remain, archived on the AB&I website.

   Please join us in thanking Kip Wixson for his 50 years of service, for helping AB&I and Mcwane Plumbing Group through both good times and bad, and for his friendship and loyalty to his team. Kip is one of the good ones, a rare combination of good businessman and fine human being.

   Now, let's get back to work before Kip catches us surfing the web!

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