AB&I Foundry, in celebration of women in engineering, manufacturing, and the skilled trades, has developed an iron woman character named “Rose.” The foundry has had a long history with its iron man character who is a big burly man. It was time for the company to feature a female character. The new Iron Woman pays tribute to the iconic Rosie the Riveter – the symbol of women civilians who built warplanes during WWII.

“The plumbing industry, as well as other industries, are chock full of women breaking barriers with their actions. At
AB&I we celebrate those individual women who are pushing through to achieve greatness, no matter the obstacles
or tasks,” said Shannon Hooper, National Sales Manager of AB&I Foundry. “I feel that Rose is an embodiment of
the changes happening in the construction industry and the world. I look forward to seeing Rose and other women
meet the future head on and all the great things they will accomplish.”