Pictured L-R: Professor Rob Carter, Coke Pike and Denise Joe

Cole Pike served as an intern at AB&I last year through a partnership between AB&I and California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California and was recently awarded a Foundry Educational Foundation (FEF) scholarship. On February 13, AB&I team members Denise Joe and Zeydi Gutierrez traveled to San Luis Obispo to see Cole receive his scholarship check. Rob Carter, Cole’s professor, contacted AB&I and asked if we could come for a visit to talk about AB&I, FEF and Cole’s internship last summer. Professor Carter has 150 students in the casting class a quarter, and they design their own artwork within the casters.

As they toured the lab, Zeydi discussed the buildings in the Bay area where you might find AB&I’s pipe and fittings and before the tour was over they were pleased to discover that AB&I pipe was in use in the lab.

Denise Joe spoke to the students about her background as an Engineer at AB&I. She also talked about Cole’s internship at AB&I and the safety projects he was involved in. The internship was a win/win situation where Cole learned a lot and got practical experience, and Denise was able to train and direct Cole in a very short time to get the job done.

Zeydi and Denise came away extremely impressed with the quality of the Manufacturing Engineering program at Cal Poly. They are a FEF Affiliated school and Rob is working to expand and certify the program.

We look forward to continuing our partnership.