On April 18th, AB&I team member Zeydi Gutierrez joined members of Elmhurst Presbyterian Church to serve a hot meal to residents of the community and elders who are home bound or sick. Zeydi was happy to help and said, "It was amazing to see the outpouring of support from people of all ages. Of course safety was foremost on everyone’s mind.  The volunteers showed up early for a half hour safety talk which included the proper way to wash your hands and remove your gloves and the recommended physical distancing guidelines. They were then given an apron and played a name game to remind them the importance of getting to know not only who they were working with, but members of the community as well. They told the volunteers thinking out side the box is what is most contagious.

A local non-profit organization, Feeding on Demand and Chef Cindy Carter-Hodges, prepared the 300 meals that went 100+ elders who are home bound and others in need. The recyclable bag included a hot meal, fresh fruit, a bottle of water and juice, bread pudding and cookies. 

It was incredible to everyone coming together to serve the community.

AB&I team stepping up in time of need