AB&I Foundry had its beginning in the months following the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906. At that time, the foundry's primary products were decorative light poles and iron and brass statuary.

When World War II started, AB&I changed its focus and began making submarine net weights and other iron products to assist the war effort.

After WWII, AB&I began making cast iron soil pipe to meet the demands of the housing boom of the late 1940s and early 1950s. Cast iron pipe and fittings remain the foundry's main product line, and AB&I has grown into a major nationwide manufacturer. 

The culture of AB&I is unique in the industry. Team members are valued for their input and are encouraged to make suggestions on how to make things better. Cooperation between all team members, whether management or hourly, is key to the foundry's ongoing success.

In 2006, AB&I Foundry became part of the McWane Plumbing Group of companies. In 2022, AB&I relocated its manufacturing to Texas. The spirit and attitude that made AB&I a success in the last century is still alive today, making AB&I Foundry truly the foundry of the future.