The McWane Plumbing Technical Services team is a one-stop resource for all your cast iron DWV needs. From codes and standards to manufacturing and installation, our team can assist with answering questions. Our team is also registered as a continuing education provider for ASPE, AIA and ICC. Visit the education page for more information.

  • McWane Plumbing Technical Services
  • McWane Plumbing Technical Services
  • McWane Plumbing Technical Services

Engineers & Inspectors

Today’s inspectors face challenges with non-compliant products and either misinformation or lack of understanding about proper firestop systems for pipe penetrations.


Building Owners & Facilities Managers

Building owners & facilities managers are increasingly concerned with everything from energy efficiency & construction defects to building a health-friendly environment.

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Educational Institutions

A “Green School” is a healthier and safer environment for students, teachers and administrators. What’s behind the walls or underfoot should not be disregarded.

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